Analyzing English Translation of Cultural Specific Items of Urdu Language in Peer-e-Kamil

  • Rana Imran Ali, Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Azhar


The research has used mixed method design of Creswell & Clark (2007) from‎educational research to conduct this study.‎Kreswell’s (2007)explanatory research model has been used for the purpose to deal with both quantitative and qualitative form of data. The research's data was obtained from the Urdu novel Peer -e-Kamil and its English translation. Using this model, cultural specific items from Urdu novel and its English translation have been categorized through different translation techniques which are found as borrowing from source text, literal translation, gloss, omission, neutralization and cultural substitution. The main objective of the study is to find out which translation techniques have been used frequently to deal with the cultural specific items. The research arises out of the belief that effective handling of cultural specific items makes the process of communication among different cultures smooth and easy.