Determinants Moulding Pakistan-Iran Relations; Past, Present, and Possibilities for Future

  • Ehsan Ali, Dr. Kiran Sami, Karamat Hussain


Before the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iran, Iraq War and the USSR, Iran and Pakistan enjoyed cordial ties. Today both countries are not at a time of daggering, but their relationships are marked at times by suspicion, rivalry and even animosity. This is due to divergent interests in the area between Pakistan and Iran, cross-border terrorism, sectarianism, different economic interests and competing foreign partners. The area and the foreign scenario continue to affect the future of Pakistan's relations with Iran. Relations between the two neighbors can be further strengthened and strengthened if Pakistan is trying to balance its relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran because both countries are still most important to Pakistan. In this, an attempt by Pakistan should be made to refrain from the conflicts that these rival countries have started and sponsored. Trade and energy cooperation has the ability to boost Pakistan-Iran relations. Their geographical proximity, their cultural and their religious values are likely to increase Iran and Pakistan ties in future