Rape Crises and Laws in Pakistan: A Time to Stop This Violence

  • Abdul Ghaffar Korai, Abdul Samad, Ahad Ghaffar, Javed Ahmed, Imtiaz Ahmed Memon


Rape intersects society, religion, caste, and class, reducing the value of a woman's body. In Pakistan, the legal recognition of rape as a crime has changed in pace with the dominant narrative on women's sexuality.This research article preliminary focus on the rape crises in Pakistan and the related Laws in Pakistan. The related literature provides us the vast knowledge of the rape violence in Pakistan. Global prevalence of domestic violence, rape case complaints in police stations, international protection constitutional guarantees, Safia Bibi case and rape under Islamic law is studied in this article. Rape should not be tolerated that is why this article focuses on how to stop this violence and make people sure about the laws of rape.