Legal Basis of Organization of Provision of Consulting Services in the Republic of Uzbekistan

  • Khоlbutaeva Shakhnoza Abduvalievna


Today, all spheres of service delivery in many countries of the world are developing at an accelerated pace. And Consulting is manifested in this direction as a separate sector of the economy. During the scientific research were used dialectical research, scientific abstraction, induction and deduction and other methods. The practical significance of the results of the research is explained by the fact that the developed proposals and recommendations can be used in the development of a set of measures in the software documentation, which will be developed for the more effective development of the activities of consulting services in the Republic. To expand and improve the consulting activity in the Republic of Uzbekistan, to regulate consulting services and to regulate the legal aspects of the circumstances that arise in the process of carrying out its activities, it is necessary to develop the law "on the network of consulting activities".