Critical Analysis Of Concept Of Desha In Ayurved Classics

  • Dr. Kiran Rana, Dr. Sonesh Utkar, Dr. Satej Banne, Dr. Rekha Parmar, Dr. Anjana. J, Dr. Pooja Modh


The Modernization Of Person In This Period Of Globalization Is The Question Of Thought. Today The Cutting Edge Specialized Devices, Media, Transportation And So On Are So Exceptionally Fostered That It Has Made Far Off Places Come Nearer. Alongside The Upsides Of These Devices There Are Various Inconveniences For Man Himself. He Is Carrying On With Such A Way Of Life, Has Embraced Some Food-Propensities And So On Which Are Not Appropriate To His Place Of Birth And Living. Every One Of These Issues Lead To Psychosomatic Problems And In This Condition He Needs To Counsel The Doctor. These Conditions Can Be Stayed Away From If The Appropriate Routine Like Dincharya, Ritucharya, Aahar Vidhi And So Forth Are Followed Suitably Which Have Been Supported By Our Incredible Sages. In Ayurveda The Patient Is Treated With Most Extreme Consideration And Consideration In Light Of Keeping About The Patient's Prakruti, Desha, Kala And So On Alongside The Topographical Beginning Of Patient, The Beginning Of Medication Is Additionally Given Due Consideration. It Is Additionally Seen That The Medications Which Are Gathered From Appropriate Geological Region And In Legitimate Environment Have Full Intensity. So Here A True Endeavor Has Been Made To Set Up And Demonstrate The Idea By Surveying The Between Connection Of Geological Space Of The Medication And Its Pharmacognostic Study And Phyto-Compound Investigation.