The Role Of Motivation And Job Satisfaction In Improving The Performance Of Organization

  • Gohar Sulaiman, Dr Amna Ali, Saima Gul, Noor Ul Ain


The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between job satisfaction and motivation on the performance of an organization. Employee satisfaction has a direct link with that of the company’s success. It is said that employees’ contentment leads to employees’ engagement in the company’s affairs, dealings, and decisions that ensure job satisfaction and creates a sense of responsibility and motivation to work as a unanimous entity. The cooperated and collaborative efforts towards betterment result in the company’s better performance. The management in this domain needs to play a very important role by minimizing the turnover of employees so that to avoid the loss of skilled workers. With globalization and every day changing market trends, one factor that has remain considerate and fixed over years is the human resource of any company. These drivers of achievement and stupendous growth are the real key to success.  Employees of different companies were approached for this study to represent the population. The questionnaire was distributed among them using purposive sampling. SPSS software was used to systematically apply the statistical and logical techniques to deduce out the results. The management needs to align the goals of workers and the organization so they can work on the same page with more determination and devotion. This devotion comes out when they feel themselves a part of work. Motivation and job satisfaction are not only related to high turnover. Along with that it also covers absenteeism, lack of interest, non-collaborative behaviour towards the team at the work-place.