Assessment of Customers E-loyalty in digital banking During Covid-19: An application of 8C model

  • Dr. Majid Ali, Dr. Hafiz Abdur Rashid , Muhammad Hasnain Ali, Dr. Muhammad Usman, Aamir Sohail


The study aims to empirically find those factors which are affecting E-loyalty in digital banking.To achieve this, the population of this study consist of domestic banks account holders of digital banking services during COVID-19.The researchers used survey method to collect data from respondents by using simple random sampling. A descriptive type of investigation is being used in which 360 questionnaires were distributed among respondents out of which 316 were useful for further research. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to test the propositions of study. The researchers used 8C model to test the customer’s Loyality toward digital banking services. The findings of the research indicates that Customization, Contact interactivity, Care, Convenience and Character are showed a significant relationship with E-loyalty and Cultivation, Community & Choice are revealed insignificant results particularly in COVID situation. The findings of the study helpful for policymakers as it helps to understand the adoption behavior of customers during pandemic. In the event of epidemics and similar natural disasters, consumers can exhibit behavior similar to isolation and social distancing during COVID-19; therefore, the study can help regulators prepare a safety roadmap.