Survival of the Quickest: Role of Innovativeness and Transformational Leadership in Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Born Global SMEs

  • Wafa Khurram, Syed Khurram Ali Jafri, Syed Babar Ali, Zubair A. Shah


Innovativeness of born global SMEs is considered as prime factor of sustainablecompetitiveness among born global SMEs. However, little empirical knowledge is found onhowtransformationalleadershipanditssub-dimensionsmediatethisrelationship,specificallyin born global SMEs in Malaysia. This study, therefore, intends to fill the gap by introducingand analyzing a tentative research model for transformational leadership as a mediator toinnovativeness and sustainable competitive advantage of born global SMEs. A quantitativeresearchdesignhasbeenemployedtoanalysedatareceivedfromanexpansivesurveyof212bornglobalSMEs.Findingsinformpractitionersandacademicianstoconsiderinnovativenessas élan vital for fostering long-term competitiveness of born global SMEs. Transformationalleadershipisreflectedtointervenetherelationshipinfirst-levelanalysis.However,multidimensionalmediationanalysisrevealedpartialmediationofonlyintellectualstimulation and individual consideration. We discuss the outcomes in context of born globalliteratureand Malaysianculture.