Impact of Covid-19 Fear on the Mental Health of the Medical Staff during Pandemics

  • Fatima Khurram Bukhari, Samar Fahd, Syeda Sajida Firdos, Noor Alam, Umair Siddique, Sitara Jameel


The presented investigation was objectified to gauge the effect of Covid-19 Fear on mental health of medical staff during pandemics. The sample was comprised of 152 participants (57 males, 95 females), age 22 years and above, of the medical staff from the Civil Hospital Bahawalpur by using simple random sampling technique. The study was having cross-sectional design. Two questionnaires along with demographic information were utilized for the purpose of data collection, one was Fear of Covid-19 Scale(Ahorsu et al., 2020)and other was Mental Health Inventory abbreviated version MHI-18 (Veit and Ware, 1983),The data was analyzed through SPSS 24.0. The findings showed that if the fear of Covid-19 increases, the mental health of medical staff will decrease because both are significantly negatively correlated with each other. The findings also suggested that the Covid-19 Fear significantly impacts the mental health of the medical staff. Interestingly, there were also significant differences in terms of gender. Results revealed that female medical staff has greater fear of Covid-19 as compared to male medical staff.