Federation of Pakistan and the Issue of Trust- Deficit between Centre and Provinces

  • Irshad Ali Wassan, Amir Ali Chandio


The divided societies and integrated societies have some other prospects and experiences of federalism. State like Pakistan has an experience of divided societies. Multicultural and multilingual Pakistan has faced the issues of a balanced and straight federal political system.    This study examines, trust deficit between centre and its federating unit especially, Sindh by measuring the institutional variables that create many serious concern of uniformed and integrated central approach. Theconcept of ‘trust’ has emerged as an important ingredient of federalism. It has an important link between the centre and its federating units. Deficit of trust expose the out of order of government in its role, creating multitude of problems in the management area. Poor performance of government raises the issue of legitimacy, which is now linked to performance. This study is conducted in order to measure thestate of trust deficit between centre and units with special reference of Sindh province. Consequently, the state of trust and intensity of deficit has been measured and analysed to reveal real causes and flaws of various institutional problems created by the poor administration of centre. A survey instrument was premeditated to evaluate the factors influencing the trust deficit. The questionnaire was framed from various sources of the prior literature and conceptual framework illustratesone integrated model. Furthermore, questions were asked to scale the resentment of units on centre and compulsion of centre on federating units of Pakistan.

Research concludes thatcentre could not provide enough satisfaction to its units in resolving the issues of interprovincial coordination and nor created a more balanced federal set up which can build a trust an important factor of integration and unity.

Furthermore, results reveal that tounify different identities under one umbrella is so difficult at the time when all the groups require afavourable environment for their cultural, economic, and political inspirations. Result suggest the maximum autonomy must have given to units as defined Pakistan as a federation comprising of autonomous units, which shall be completely sovereign in its functioning.