Effect of Fiber Loading on Tensile and Hardness Behaviors of Turkey Feather Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites

  • J. Manivannana, S. Rajesha, K. Mayandia, N. Rajinia, Nadir Ayrilmisb


This work presents an influence of various fiber loadings on tensile properties and hardness of turkey feather fiber reinforced polymer (TFFRP) composites. The composites were fabricated using a compression moulding technique and a varying weight percentage of 20, 30 and 40 fiber. The composite plates were cut into test samples according to ASTM standard methods for tensile and hardness behaviors. From the results obtained, 30wt% TFFRP composite sample recorded better tensile strength, when compared with other counterparts. This was attributed to a better fiber-matrix interfacial adhesion. The TFFRP composite recorded increased hardness value when fiber loading was increased from 20 to 40 wt%.