Investigation of Thermal Analysis and Performance of Firecracker Composition by Reduction of Aluminum Metal Powder

  • Manikandan Rajendran, Rajesh Shanmugavel


In the firecracker industry, during involved in the various manufacturing process of a firecracker, employees are affected by different health and safety hazards in their workplace, and also people who are celebrating by the bursting of crackers also getting affected by exposure to different contaminated particles. In general, the firecracker is made by using different chemical powders like potassium nitrate, aluminium, and sulfur with a ratio of 60%, 20%, and 20%. With consideration of the aforementioned issues, the new firecracker is manufactured by reducing nano aluminum powder at different compositions like 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10%, it is balanced by Tamarind Seed Powder (TSP). Thermal analysis like thermogravimetric analysis is carried out. The generation of residue was gradually decreased when the reduction of aluminium metal powder and it supports reducing the pollution rate. To understand the reactivity of the chemical mixture, sensitivity tests were carried out. There is no frictional reactivity for all modified chemical compositions. All the samples have come under a very sensitive category other than the Al10 sample. So it helps to reduce the safety hazards during handling.  The performance characteristic like noise level of the firecracker made by using these modified chemical mixtures has come under optimum level.