Empirical-Analysis of Organization Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Stress Management (SM) as Mediators between Emotional Intelligence (EI) & Interpersonal Relationship (IPR): A Survey of Teachers in Bhakkhar District

  • Abid Hussain , Prof Dr Qamar Afaq Qurashi


Emotionally intelligent employee is the employee who has the ability of knowing and understanding the emotions of self as well others and then behave accordingly with their bosses, colleagues and subordinates in the work environment. This kind of behavior helps in creating required interpersonal relations to undertake individual and group organizational activities. Further, the existence of OCB and level of competence in SM has been reported as supporters to strengthen the link between EI and IPR in the workplace. Current study measures the weight, strength, direction and cause & effect relations of EI with IPR mediated by OCB and SM. The results show the ‘native-readings’ on global logical relations showing the state of affairs among the teachers community in their workplace. The findings have implications for the researched teacher community and the future researchers in the same and similar lines of study.