Analysis of the Treatment of Corona related News in Newspapers of Lucknow, IN

  • Dr. Neeraj Khattri


Corona virus are large family viruses, COVID-19 is one of them which cause illness ranging from common cold to severe respiratory disease. Due to this new existing virus many rumors and infiltrated message came into existing, in this situation newspaper become a important source of information on which people rely. Newspaper plays a vital role in communicating corona related news and also in gathering public response to public health messages. The paper examines the print media extension to corona related news in Hindi newspaper of Uttar Pradesh. This study aims to analyze impact of news related to corona virus and how it was represented in newspaper.  The study progressed by the content analysis of Hindi dailies newspaper Navbharat times and Dainik Jagaran for 24 days from 24 march to 14 April 2020. This study gave researcher a data of corona related news in both newspapers. Through this research, researcher analyze the number of national & international news, numbers of cartoon & graphics related to corona virus in newspaper, number of news related to government appeal and number of news for prevention from corona virus in both the news paper. This study recommend newspapers to publish more cartoon related to corona virus in order to create awareness among people, all newspapers should publish feature stories of front line warriors to show their importance in society.