Understanding Digital Application in Small Business for Profitable and Sustainable Practices in Indonesia: Review of Best Practices

  • Gunawan Widjaja, Jemi Pabisangan Tahirs, Rizal Ula Ananta Fauzi, Antoni, Budi Sulistiyo Nugroho


Understanding various internet or digital applications for business expansion, both large and small businesses, so that businesses can progress and continue to be sustainable, is significant today. However, unfortunately not all business people, especially those who try to be limited, use digital tools. To help these small business actors, we researchers can contribute as much as possible with a new understanding of what and why digital applications are essential for activating MSMEs in Indonesia. In connection with this need, we have collected data from various readings and publications that examine the usefulness and extent to which MSME activists have been active with these business applications. We analyzed the data with a critical analysis approach, adjusting the study theme with the data we analyzed. Before we turn the data into our findings to answer the questions of this study, of course, we justify whether the findings are valid and reliable or not. Finally, we can summarize that since COVID-19 hit business, the trend of digital application business applications has increased. This is inseparable from this technology application's role and benefits in helping MSME businesses' effectiveness and convenience for customers. Therefore, the study's findings should bring input and change; the more small business activists will find it easier from this study.