The Implementation of Grounding Pancasila Strategy in Efforts to Prevent and Date Radicalism from the University Students in Jakarta

  • Antonius Dieben Robinson Manurung, Hapzi Ali


The best lesson that could be given to the university students in DKI Jakarta area who are currently vulnerable to the infiltration of radicalism-fundamentalism is to build the character of themselves and the nation with the ‘breath’ of Pancasila. The Pancasila Grounding Movement (GPP) is established as a cooperation partner on since it shows its existence in society as an organization that focuses on encouraging collaboration for all parties in the grounding of Pancasila. The form of synergistic cooperation is carried out in the form of developing a strategic model in the value training program by referring to 2 (two) core / main problems, namely: 1) the infiltration of radicalism among students in Jakarta; 2) the weak patriotism and nationalism among students as a form of love for the nation and homeland of Indonesia. An adaptive solution to overcome the above problems is to develop a training program, named: “the nation and personal character building” with the values of Pancasila. The target achievement expected from this program is mainly to increase understanding and knowledge as well as changes in student attitudes and behavior based on Pancasila and a heroic leadership approach, so that radicalism-fundamentalism among students in Jakarta in particular can be prevented and prevented.