The Effect of Student Motivation on Student Achievement through Study Interests in the Pandemic Covid 19 (Case Study on Gunadarma Jakarta Students)

  • Djoko Setyo Widodo


This research was conducted with the aim of analyzing the effect of learning motivation on interest in learning, motivation to learn and interest in learning on academic achievement and to analyze the effect of learning motivation on academic achievement through student interest in learning at Gunadarma University Jakarta. The sample used in this study were students of Gunadarma University Jakarta with a total of 100 students. This study uses a quantitative approach with survey methods and data analysis techniques through path analysis. The results showed that learning motivation has an influence on student interest in learning, then learning motivation and interest in learning also have an influence on student academic achievement, and learning motivation also has an influence on student academic achievement through interest in learning which is an intervening variable. Where it is known that the direct influence has a greater influence than the indirect effect.