Importance of Triple-A and GSCM Practices for Organizational Performance: Qualitative Insights from a Developing Country

  • Adeel Akhtar, Kullapa Soratana


Best supply chains should not only be fast and low-cost but they should also have Triple-A capabilities (Agility, Adaptability and Alignment). Literature reveals that Triple-A capabilities are positively related with the Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) practices. Literature also discloses that GSCM practices are a viable option to decrease the environmental effect of industrial processes while at the same time it can help to improve the organizational performance by reducing the cost of operations. Literature proposes that more studies on environmental practices and organizational performance are required, especially in the context of developing countries. Therefore, this study aimed to explore the relationships between Triple-A, GSCM Practices and organizational performance in the context of a developing country i.e. Pakistan. A qualitative research methodology was followed keeping in view the post-positivist research paradigm. At first stage, literature was reviewed and 5 preliminary interviews were conducted by using purposive sampling and snowball sampling to develop a conceptual framework for establishing the association between Triple-A, GSCM Practices and organizational performance. At second stage, Semi-structured in-depth interviews of 12 senior level managers of the leading pesticide firms of Pakistan were conducted with the help of purposive sampling and snowball sampling to validate the conceptual framework. Interviews were recorded and then transcribed to extract the themes to validate the conceptual framework and to develop the recommendations for the future research. The findings of the in-depth interviews revealed that Triple-A capabilities are vital for the success of an organization, especially these capabilities are very important to mitigate the negative effects of any unexpected occurrences like floods, earthquake and pandemics like COVID-19 etc. The management of the pesticide companies of Pakistan have effectively responded to the threat of COVID-19 with the help of Triple-A capabilities. Study results indicated that Triple-A capabilities have positive effect on all domains of organizational performance (Operational, Economic, Environmental and Social). It was also confirmed that Triple-A capabilities are necessary for the successful application of GSCM Practices. GSCM practices also have a positive influence on all domains of organizational performance. Finally, it was also affirmed that GSCM practices mediate the association between Triple-A capabilities and organizational performance. It is concluded that Triple-A, GSCM Practices and Organizational Performance are linked with each other. Triple-A capabilities are positively linked with the organizational performance. These capabilities also are also positively associated with the GSCM Practices. Moreover, GSCM Practices are positively associated with the Organizational Performance. Furthermore, GSCM Practices mediate the association between Triple-A capabilities and organizational performance. It is recommended to conduct the quantitative and mixed nature of researches in different countries by focusing various organizations to increase the applicability of this study.