After 9/11 The Past And Future Of American Foreign Policy

  • Liaquat Ali Chandio, Sarfaraz Ali Korejo, Zaheer Hussain Soomiro


American foreign policy based on geographical, historical consideration, political and social system, economic strength and military power in this content there were mistaken that were utopianism, Legalism, Sentimentalism and neo-isolationism. Because in domestic, there minorities were called hyphenate organizations.  The ethnic and religious groups playing important role in forming the foreign policy with national interest, they wanted to conform their interest. In First World War US faced new changing in political order and American policy transformed from divorced to realty. Later American foreign policy changed and alliances with allied forced against axis powers. After Second World War US faced two main problems, Soviet power challenged US in every were in the world, After end of colonial power 60 new nations and  US entered in military alliances with old friends in Western Europe and Latin America and found new friends in Asia to bring peace and security in the world.  After Korean War the American foreign policy was reexamined in western European and Far East. in this time US faced problem in Germany, japan and Austria, Furthermore, in Asia revolution, the communist aim was struggle against western, colonial and imperialism and thought communist are the native.