The Politics of Pakistan under Benazir Bhutto: 1988-1993

  • Liaqat Ali Chandio ,Zaheer Hussain Soomro


The politics of “Pakistan under Benazir Bhutto started after death of his father zulifqar Ali Bhutto. People’s party gave full political support to Benazir, but Zia-ul Haq did not tolerate, he did to ready to see Bhutto again in political line before him. Benazir Bhutto continued her democratic efforts to restore democracy, and terminate of martial law from allocating power for public and alliance with political parties’ group Movement for restoration of democracy (MRD).when  Zia ul Haq died, Benazir  became 1st lady prime minister in Pakistan, she followed  father’s dream for restoration of democracy in Pakistan, once again in second she was elected as a prime minister, she work for local or nationally and internationally  for Pakistan but both times her government was ruined by military and other political leaders’ involvement" .