Historical Background of Pak-Us Relations An Overview

  • Liaquat Ali Chandio


“Pakistan relations are longest on the universal, social and two-sided connection between two countries The Assembled Countries set up relations with Pakistan and united the wartime against the Soviet Association and marked the two arrangements of SEATO and CENTO for security.  After the crumple of Soviet Association, the Unified Countries forced authorizations against Pakistan with the Pressler revision, because of assaults of September eleventh, 2001, and war of fear. The Assembled Countries pronounced Pakistan as a noteworthy non NATO partner in 2002 and allowed more than twenty billion dollars of help to Pakistan. History shows that The Relations between the two Countries started in early the Unified Countries welcomed and American got permit ion for CIA bases in Pakistan to lookout the Soviet.  Both countries marked barrier arrangement to prepare the military officers.  US granted Peshawar Air Station (PAS) for insight social event of Soviet between mainland ballistic rockets. But In 1965, Ayub Khan o won war in the region. Later Kissinger visit to China and both states American and China connection started between them. But U.S declared a boycott of atomic weapons. Very soon relations between Combined Countries were improved and moved forward. After 9/11 relations between US and Pakistan, after that US and Pakistan became partner in the war on terror”.