China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Under the Shadow of World Community

  • Liaquat Ali Chandio, Zaheer Hussain Soomro


CPEC is one of the most important and changeable project. This project led throughout the Pakistan, CPEC is the dream to reach the warm water and hunt the African and Middle East oil and it is the old shape of silk route and old dream of big powers. Once USSR trying to enhance its influence to warm water but not accepted from the Pakistan because in that time Pakistan was newly state and under influence of western world. but same time china tried to fulfill its desire and developed Karakoram highway in early fifties .when china fell its strength and influence in the world and face the shortage of raw material, china developed huge project that is called CPEC, for this project china sanctioned $46billion dollars, due to importance and strategic position china increased the budget of CPEC from $46billion to 62$ billion dollar in 2017. The need of china is too much, china want to increase trade with other countries by Gwadar. In coming years china desire is to hunt the Africa and west Asia   countries trade centers.  As concern CPEC for Pakistan, it is compared with the Marshal plan from US in Europe. CPEC will create 2.3milion jobs for the people of   Pakistan as seven thousands jobs for Pakistani local people and eight thousands jobs for china people. And increase the 2% to 2.25% of Pakistan annual economic growth. From CPEC routs 6billion to 8 billion revenue will be generate from the taxes and roads and bridges tools. The investors of china has promised to solve the energy problem from the Thar coal and develop the local industries. CPEC will change the situation of Pakistan and Pakistan will be the center position of world trade and is will be away from the IMF and US. Pakistan Is trying to convey Iran to join CPEC due to this Sistan-Baluchistan region will safe and sound for CPEC route. Pakistan is also waiting Indian positive response to join CPEC but India has many reservations. (a) China Sting of pearls strategy (b) Naval bases (c) US naval superiority challenge. (d) China is helping Pakistan to increase nuclear plant. (e ) India relay on central Asia and Afghanistan energy.