The Identification of Strategic Approach to Transform Indonesian Students into Inspiring Researchers through the Engagement of the Australian Research Skills Development Framework

  • Marjan Miharja, Didi Mulyadi, Ahmad, Tauhid, Dayan Abdurrahman


This paper aimed to identify a strategic approach to transforming Indonesian students into highly skilled researchers by engaging in the Australian Research Development Framework (RSD). Success as long as academics lead to bright careers, said higher education learning experts, is closely related to leadership in research skills that are excellency in their respective fields of expertise. We made efforts to identify problems; by reading the introduction, analyzing the data with a coding system, an in-depth interpretation until we find a strategic approach as needed to answer the study questions without neglecting the principles of validity and high reliability of the findings. Here, we evaluate the RSD framework's unique challenges, which have inspired numerous publications during studies and after graduating careers in occupations requiring high research skills. With evidence from these various papers and the primary RSD literature, we identify a practical strategic approach and guide the research process. Finally, we found that identifying the strengths of RSD in transforming Indonesian students into superior researchers with evidence of the quality of papers produced by researchers from Australia and abroad is very likely to transform Indonesian academics. Then we presented the findings of many papers on this research framework that has made it into various international journals. We can conclude that the RSD framework concept is a beneficial tool for students' implicitly and concise journey research to transform postgraduates into strong researchers so that they can produce paper products that have a high impact on their respective expertise.