To Identify The Correlation Between Learning Styles And Academic Achievements Of High School Pupils In Science Subject

  • Sunita Attray, Shivani Shrivastava


This investigation was expected to decide the impact of learning styles on academic accomplishment of school Pupils in Science subject. Learning style alludes to the capacity of Pupils to see and procedure data in learning circumstances. The Pupils learning style dependent on instructional methodology will improve the academic exhibitions. In Science it improves the critical thinking capacity of the Pupils in the zones of logical reasoning, Predicting, Classifying, Measuring, Communicating and Inferring capacity and Non-verbal problems rapidly and accurately inside the prescribed time. Three of the most well-known learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic in which Pupils learn. This investigation has discovered statistically significant difference between the aftereffect of pre and the post-test achievements in Science subject. Findings of the investigation uncover that, kinesthetic learning style saw as more prevalent that visual and auditory learning styles among High school Pupils. There exist variables – visual, auditory and kinesthetic are significant on academic accomplishment.