The Relationship Between Work Family Conflict And Individual Work Performance

  • Sabir Hussain, Dr. Qamar Afaq Qureshi


Doctors are the main and leading part of health care system. Hospital system depends on doctors who can make or disturb the working environment by their attitude. Doctors facing attitude of patient attendant and management as well and experience misbalancing work and home life because of emotional and physical demands. The main core function of doctors is care/treatment of patients. Strife between both domains are effect on both domains output. This work aim was to observe link between WFC and IWP. Population and sample of the study was N=127 doctors from MTI-DHQ-Teaching Hospital. A well-structured, self-rated, valid and reliable instrument was used to collect data from doctors. Multiple analyses (Descriptive and Inferential) were used for understanding of relationship. Finding exposed that WFC has inverse association with IWP. It was found that female doctors face higher conflict in both domains than male but the difference was insignificant in Doctors of MTI-DHQ-Teaching hospital of Dera Ismail Khan.