Augmenting Psychological Immunity by Intervention Strategies for COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Dr. Bani Narula, Sukhpreet Kaur


The ensuing paper addresses a pertinent assertion witnessed in today’s times i.e. the foremost basis for misery, unhappiness, financial strain, lay off, etc and complete shutdown is blamed onto not failed human relationships or connections but to something that is on everyone’s mind i.e. Corona. To attend to the question ‘How come one day it seems like the world is going to end’? The researcher’sreply to the question lies in the fact that the next there’s hope as the secret weapon which works against stress in human psychology is Positive psychology’s health-protective aspect i.e. psychological immune system. Thus, inculcating positive behaviors in form of simple exercises and activities such as positive thinking, sense of coherence, self-control and optimism can emphasize human strengths amongst all age groups. Therefore, the present paper endeavours to answer and guide health care professionals, mental health experts and layman towards human thriving for all age groups amidst this low phase and uncertainty.