Can the financial performance of the companies improve the corporate governance disclosure practices: An Empirical Evidence From CNX NIFTY Junior.

  • Dr.P.Ramesh, Dr.B.Omnamasivaya, Bhaskara Rao Kancherla, N.Usharani


Nowadays corporate governance essence is realized by all the corporate governance and they started giving priority to the governance disclosure. the main objective of the study to initiate this to know whether there is any relationship between financial performance of the companies and corporate governance disclosure practices . for the study we have taken CNX NIFTY junior as sample size and for measuring the corporate governance disclosure practices an corporate governance disclosure index is computed based on clause  49 checklist items, for measuring the financial performance proxies like Return on assets, net profit, total sales, total assets considered and tested the relationship between both by using the multiple regression techniques. The study found that there is a positive relationship between financial performance and corporate governance disclosure practices. The study suggests that to gain the shareholders and investors confidence and faith all corporate companies should  follow or implement the better governance practices that  will create a positive image to the company