A Study on Marketing Trends and Consumer Preference of Pasteurized Milk with special reference to Sudha Milk in Ranchi.

  • Ankit Raj, Aishwarya, Dr. Kasturi Sahay


Milk is a complex biological fluid that consists of seven main components that are water, fat, protein, sugar (lactose), minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. It is an almost ideal liquid food that is universally accepted for its high nutritive value, flavour, and palatability. Throughout the world,one of the most widely consumed foods is milk. Companies in Jharkhand are involved in the production of pasteurized milk. The Sudha Dairy are the most prominent players in procurement, processing, and marketing in Ranchi. The study was carried out to find out the composition, marketing trends, and consumer preference of pasteurized milk of Sudha Dairy and SWOT analysis at Ranchi. During study plants of dairy was visited and consumers, retailers were contacted to get relevant data as per developed questionnaire. Based on this survey it was found that the demand for Sudha milk is increasing due to quality as well as availability. Based on survey work, it was found that the percentage sales volume at Sudha Dairy milk is 59% only in Ranchi city out of their total sales volume in Jharkhand. It is also observed that 30% of consumers prefer Sudha milk and it was also found out that 26.67 % of the consumers prefer to purchase milk based on convenience, 26.67 % based on brands, 33.33 % based on quality, 6.66 % based on price and 6.66 % based on taste. The findings will help Sudha Dairy to formulate their appropriate marketing strategies that will be based on marketing trends to increase sales of milk and to provide better customer services to meet consumer preferences.