The Identification of Strategic Development of Small Business in Era Covid-19 Through The Improvement Rural Human Resources Program

  • Adya Hermawati ,Mohammad Aldrin Akbar,Zayid Musiafa, Septyana Prasetianingrum, Yaya Sonjaya


This study succeeded in identifying 7 practical strategies encouraging small entrepreneurs in rural areas during the crisis period as a result of efforts to respond to the corona virus 2019 which is still a global pandemic. The success of helping these small entrepreneurs in these villages has to do with the practical strategies that have been provided in the program to improve human resources as the main key to the success of small business operations because honestly qualified human resources are able to advance business in the village, especially during difficult times Covid-19. The methods used in gathering data include literature studies as existing data. Whereas the second source is in-depth interviews with 7 small business activists in villages experienced with training improving the small business human resources. After data collection, further analysis was carried out using a phenomenological approach to find out whether the findings find validity and reliability as stated by the research question. So, finally we found 7 specific strategies that are often used by capacity building institutions in encouraging the enthusiasm of the human resources of business people in the target villages. The seven strategies include: 1) Promotion at community events, 2) Financial tightening, 3) Capacity building 4) Records of each transaction, 5) Logistics and management, 6) Open communication with employees, 7) Celebrate every success with teamwork. Therefore, similar research must be carried out in a larger scope to get more useful results that encourage businesses who are financially unstable due to various crises in the countryside after the outbreak of Covid-19.