Effects Of Lpg On Water Resources: Analysis Of Per Capita Water Demand In Selected Study Area

  • G.Vaishnavi and Dr.C.Parvathi


This paper analyses the global water, surface and ground water level in India. Globalization has a huge impact on cultural, social, monetary, political, and communal life of countries. Threats of international water conflicts have garnered headlines in many parts of the world including South Asia. National water tensions and issues in water management continue to bedevil in South Asia and the largest country in the region. Water plays a vital role within households through urban water authorities and water planners are struggling to satisfy the growing urban water demand at the same time failing to achieve sustainable urban water systems.Due to rapid growth of population and the Economic reforms like LPG models the domestic water and commercial use of water are increasing rapidly it affects per capita water demand. In developing country contexts, piped water supply is often one of several sources from which household’s access water and this is often unmetered. The nature of drinking water supply in Coimbatore has been found by using the questionnaire-based primary data. Multi stage, Stratified, Simple Random sampling method has been adopted in the selection of samples respondents of different social status have been interviewed to get relevant information.In this paper we use primary domestic urban house hold survey data specifically designed and collected from five corporation zones in Coimbatore district. The sample size is on the basis of income level like Lower Income, Middle Income, and Higher Income. In this paper indicated for urban domestic households in Coimbatore district water consumption pattern. The district authority for designing better policies to improve the water supply and to fulfil the per capita urban household’s water demand.