Analysis on cyber security and its challenges to society (2020-2021)

  • Shashank Mishra


Cyber security plays an important role in the field of IT industry and other industry too. Whenever we talk about cyber security, the word cybercrime pops out. Cybercrime is the biggest issues we are facing right now. Every 39 seconds an attacker is hacking something. Since 2008 to 2019 there are more than 8800 data breach cases is being found or filed. Even as we are aware of cybercrime and its stats, only 5% of organization are fully secured and other 95% are not fully secured. According to survey 56% of organization have weak controls. Basically they are not secured. Apart from taking measures cyber security are facing huge challenges or disturbs to many. This paper mainly focuses on dare to cyber security and also center of attraction is cyber security expertise, morals with changing in technology with time.