A Study On Problems Encountered By Foreign Tourists In Munnar Region



The tourism industry has a healthy growth rate in Kerala. However, international tourists visiting the Kerala region had a small dip in 2019, mostly due to poor performance of the city, lack of connectivity (by air) and lack of basic amenities. The goal was therefore to recognize the problems faced by foreign tourists in the Munnar area. The research is descriptive of nature and finds the sample to be international visitors visiting Munnar from January 2019 to July 2019. Samples were obtained to be 322 and samples were chosen on the basis of Judgmental sampling techniques. Face-to - face polls were performed between respondents and their views were registered in the polling instrument. Analyzing the opinion of the respondent, the conclusion is that lodging, air access, restricted facilities, traffic and catering are the most significant issues that cause visitors to have a detrimental effect on the venue. Nonetheless, tourism in Kerala must take measures to expand basic facilities in the tourist area, to establish online and offline campaigns to draw visitors, to enable them to visit again, could accelerate the economic growth of the region in Kerala.