A study of higher secondary teachers burnout and mindfulness with respect to gender and type of school

  • C. Prabakaran & Dr. N. Balakrishnan


            The Kothari Commission rightly referred to teachers as national builders. The all-round development of the students is influenced by the Higher Secondary Teachers. The study has been conducted to investigate the levels of Burnout and Mindfulness of Higher Secondary Teachers’. It also examines the relationship between the Burnout and Mindfulness of the Higher Secondary Teachers. The study was made on a random sample of 350 Higher Secondary Teachers in Cuddalore District. The tools used in the study were the Burnout scale and Mindfulness scale constructed by the investigator. The study reveals the fact that the level of Burnout and Mindfulness at moderate levels. Further, it is noted that there is negligible correlation between Burnout and Mindfulness among Higher Secondary Teachers.