Elucidating The Effect Of Aerosol Particles On Plants

  • Babita Patni, Jyoti Thapliyal, and Alok Sagar Gautam


Aerosols are the liquid, solid and mixed suspension of heterogeneous chemical particles that remain scattered in the environment. It absorbs solar radiation which affects the physiological features and survival rate of plants. In recent years, the effect of aerosol on the plant's physiology and morphology has been observed with more depth due to which new insights and a wealth of new knowledge and data have been obtained. Aerosol particles absorb incoming solar radiation and indirectly affects plant productivity (Cohan et al, 2002). This paper provides a complete overview of Surface temperature recorded from January 1948 to April 2020 of Uttarakhand State, India which has resulted in a 5% increase every decade. Various studies have suggested that increasing temperature increases the adverse effects of SO2 on plant physiology (Narby et al, 1981, Rogalaski et al, 2014). The paper highlights the first report from the foothills of Uttarakhand valley, regarding the impact of lockdown on the release of SO2 from (23rd March 2020 to May 21st, 2020). Aerosol particles affect the plant’s system after deposition from the atmosphere. Different experimental studies showed that the aerosol deposition on the surface of the leaf give rise to the leaf fall, stomatal plugging, and intrusion with the closure of stomata (Hirano et al. 1995, Thompson et al 1984, Song et al, 2015). The deposition of aerosol on the leaf surface can cause elevated leaf temperature which leads to an increase or decrease in the net rate of photosynthesis. Stomatal conductance and net photosynthetic rate declined overtime at elevated particulate matter, and the rate of decline became more expeditious with the increasing amount of deposition of particulate matter. The deposition of dust particles on the surface of leaf reduces the stomatal size which leads to the stomatal closure and decrease in the conductance of stomata (Yunus et al. 1979, Gupta et al. 2016 (b)). This review provide a summary of the current information on the adverse impact of aerosols on the plant's physical states like plant growth, plant productivity, photosynthesis, transpiration, and its effect on plant active phytoconstituents.