Impact of Online Classes and e-learning in school education : A Jalandhar based study

  • Sukriti Bahuguna, Dr.Charan kamal Walia


Corona virus pandemic outbreak in recent times has created various hardships in every sector and education sector being one of them. School education system was also badly hit the Corona virus has revealed emerging vulnerabilities in education systems around the world. Corona virus has revealed and made it evident that society needs flexible and resilient education systems as we face unpredictable futures. Survey methodology was adopted for this study and relevant literature was visited to capture the essence of continued learning during these unprecedented times. Findings reveal that schools in the present scenario are moving more and more towards online classes and E- Learning. It is also found that constant motivation, accessibility and encouragement from teachers results in proper adoption of technology by students.  This paper highlighted that students should use technology and technological gadgets to enhance learning especially during these exceptional times. Findings also propose online and remote learning as a necessity in times of lock downs and social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides a strong platform for further research