Surrogacy : Disappearance Of Importance Of Term “ MOTHER ”

  • Sushila


The ever-increasing prevalence of infertility in whole world.  Here in, surrogacy comes as an alternative when the infertile woman or couple is not able to reproduce. Surrogacy is an arrangement where a surrogate mother bears and delivers a child for another couple or person. By the way, the tradition of surrogacy is told to be old as as Mahabharta. But in recent years, the debate  has been sparked on the  the topic of surrogacy and surrogate mother in India. The question is arising whether surrogacy is a joke of motherhood. Seeing the truth, Motherhood is no longer a destiny for rich people. Now rich women are busy in their work or leisure are making fun of motherhood by rejecting the rule of nature to become a mother. She is not herself a brought a child into world  for her family ,but is getting a child through   hired mother . In the world of fashion and glamour , motherhood is not given any importance. Not even thinking about hurting  your body but Maternity is being purchased with money.  In this paper try to focused on how the disappearance of importance of term “mother” due to surrogacy?