T. B. Macaulay and Myths In Indian Education System

  • Prashant A. Arwey


“A single shelf of a good European library was worth of the whole native literature of Indian and Arabic” T. B. Macaulay.

India is civilization which is most misunderstood by its own people.James Mill, T.B.Macaulay and their education system made the  conditioning of so called educated Indians. It did not allow Anglicized Indians to see the facts and establish the truth. Very few thinkers tried to erase the impact of the strange intellectual schizophrenia suffered by the Indian intellectual class. This paper is going to weed out so many myths those are now become part of our education system. Widely it is accepted that there was no as such education in India before British colonial rule. A brief survey was conducted in 1822-1825 by the British government. The reports of this survey are not only flabbergasting but also break all kind of myths established by colonial rule in this country.