Evaluating The Occupants Indoor Comfort Of Vernacular Buildings Vs Contemporary Buildings During Lockdown Covid-19 In Nagapattinam, India

  • Purushothaman A, Thirumaran Kesevaperumal


Nowadays in modern life, there has been a revived interest in the technologies of vernacular structures, which are cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and ideally adapted to the local climate. The Contemporary building materials such as cement and steel, on the other side, are extremely robust. Low-income individuals, in other terms, with weak economic power rates, may even have certain services to keep warm in winter and remain cool in summer. Passive approaches made a crucial role in people's lives several years earlier when there were no sophisticated programs for individual needs. This paper concentrates on the indoor comfort through the analysis of the thermal behavior of Occupants in vernacular buildings compared to modern buildings during covid-19 lockdown in the coastal region Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu. Results shows that respondents who is residing in their residences for a complete day and night nearly 2 months above states that traditional buildings are worthwhile in indoor comfort than the modern buildings at a percentage rate of 98.25%.