Responsible Business Conduct For The Sustainable Development Goals: Lessons From Covid-19

  • Dr. Priti Bakhshi , CA Rashmi Chaudhary


This paper aims at understanding the corporate role in achieving the sustainable development goals through clean development mechanism and linking the same with the lessons learnt from COVID-19. This paper focuses on two crucial global issues i.e. the COVID-19 and climate change and discusses the degree to which the learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic can be of used for sustainable development. In order to analyse the effect of Number of CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects on Emission Reductions, a cause and effect relation between ERs and Number of CDM Projects is estimated through Logarithmic Regression Model. It is also analysed how emission reduction has decreased during COVID-19 and how this can be used to achieve the sustainable development goals.  It is recommended that change in habits due to COVID-19 should be sustained as sustainable development and climate change is mainly due to human activities.