Effect of process variables on MRR and Overcut in Electrochemical Micro machining of Al-6063-10% wt of SiC- 5% wt of B4C composites using grey relational analysis

  • S.Dharmalingam, S. Nandhakumar, R. Maguteeswaran, R. Thirumalai


 This paper investigates the optimization of the machining parameters on Al 6063- 10% wt of SiC- 5% wt of B4C Metal Matrix composites using Electrochemical Micro Machining (EMM). Based on the analysis, optimum levels of parameters were determined and the same to validate through the confirmation test. The confirmation results reveal that, there is considerable improvement in Material Removal Rate, Overcut, Grey relational grade are improved by 42.96 %, 63.21 % and 56.39 % respectively. It is conclude that the machining performance improved with respect to initial parametric setting.