Implementation Of Performance Management System: A Study Of Embroidery Industry

  • Anum Afzal Khan ,Ahmad Imran Khan,Maeenuddin ,Muhammad Hafeez , Ashfaq Ahmad


This particular performance report is regarding “Performance issues in organizations”. It deals in providing services about Textiles, Embroidery Services and Industrial Sewing and Stitching. Its main purpose is to provide a bridge between the Company and the Customers. A single outlet will be used as establishing the outlet is not the key issue at start. This Embroidery Industry is dealing with the textiles and the indoor material of the houses. It basically fulfills the human needs and provides them with the best product they desire.


Selection of the product would be totally depending on mix of target customers. The performance issues are faced by every organization in Pakistan especially in Textile Industry and it is all because of the employees they hire are not up to the requirement of the company and products are sometimes not suitable to the customers. For example if we hire employees of our own choice and train them according to the requirement then it can be far easier for us to give them the best product. This project is about the performance issues organizations facing in Pakistan and these issues are due to the employees that are working in the organization whether they perform well or not.


Every organization wants to be at the top and for this purpose they make every possible effort to become successful. This phenomenon grew gradually; and today many firms exist in the big cities. HR plays a very vital role in this regard because the main purpose of HR is to focus on the employee performance and provide the best suitable solution of every problem. In this project, the role of HR and the employee performance is being focused as if it is in a good condition or not.