Study On The Challenges Faced By Female Primary Teachers In Rural Areas Of District Shaheed Banazirabad

  • Inayat Ali, Dr. Mahboob Ali, Shadab Fatima, Banzier larik, Rafique Ahmed Bhutto


This study aimed at exploring and analyzing problems faced by female teachers in district Shaheed banzirabad. Female teachers are performing a significant role in rural areas in female education in Sindh. The study rests on two main areas. First, the female teacher are facing the problems in their classrooms 2nd the problems facing female teacher from the administration side .The methodology adopted to conduct the study was a survey and the population was Shaheed Benazir Abad, while the random sampling was taken and sample was extracted from Taluka, Qazi Ahmad. There are 527 primary schools there and in last one decade more than 1000 female teachers were appointed.  The sample consists of 200 female teachers who are working in the rural areas of Qazi Ahmed. While the data was analyzed by spss frequency and by percentage.  The research instrument was five Likert scale and finding of the study was that the female teachers are very competent, they have experience of teaching in city Nawab Shah’s private schools. They have command over the primary schools subjects and their teaching skill are well but due to the posting problems, they remain in stress and do not reach the school in time. They are not punctual in their duty. They have language problems in the class. They do not any kind of conveyance and security provided from the government, so on the basis of the data analyzed ans discussion it is recommended that they should be appointed in the vicinities of their hometowns or if they are appointed in rural areas, they should be provided conveyance and security. Some remuneration allowance should be increased and third party should listen their problems time to time.