Declining Enrolment of Primary Schools of Sindh during 2009-2013: Critically Analyze the Role of Administration

  • Ghulam Qadir, Dr. Mahboob Ali, Dr. Ahmed Shafique Joyo, Muhammad Younis Mallah


The world’s ‘literacy Rate day by day is going to be increased but in Sindh. Pakistan the position is reverse. It is the first province where of literacy rate is decreasing. This research’s main object were to find out the To analyze the administration’s role in enrolment declining in primary schools of Sindh, during 2009- 2013, the significant of the study to provide to realities to Sindh education department for the improvement of literacy of Sindh. The methodology of research is quantitative and a Survey method was used. the population of study was district Shaheed Benazirabad, and sample was used the teachers parents and students, the convenient sampling was used, the findings of the study was the most of the respondents are agreed that administration could not perform their effective role to implement the policies of literacy department they agreed that unavailability of the head teachers as well as the lake of resources made the decline the primary education. They recommended that the head teacher should be provided all the facilities and also teacher provided full staff teaching .properly, in the rural area’s provided female teachers. They should be provided schools with compound walls, washing room and other necessaries. The teaching learning process all the schools of girls should be open as soon as possible, the budget of schools should be increased.