Impact of Entrepreneurship in the Empowerment of Women in Indian Coastal Belt

  • Dr. D. Mahila Vasanthi Thangam


In recent world, women are playing very crucial role and they have turned out to be important part of the global business environment and it’s essential for the sustained economic and social development. In India, though women are playing key role in the society, still their entrepreneurial potential has not been properly tapped due to their lower societal status. In Tamil Nadu specifically in the coastal belt of the Kanyakumari District, women are something like the waves of the sea. They enter into the new venture very forcefully like the waves. At the same time, like the waves go back into the sea, the women have also withdrawn from the venture if they did not get any support. In order to fill eyes of the public regarding various impacts of women entrepreneurship, the present studyImpact of Entrepreneurship in the Empowerment of Women in Indian Coastal Belt” is done to know in what ways the Entrepreneurship help the women to empower in the coastal belt, in various dimensions viz; empowerment in society, business, financial empowerment, empowerment in the family and personal empowerment. On the basis of the study, some suggestions are given to encourage the spirit of women entrepreneurship to become successful entrepreneurs which in turn empower the women and India at large.