Discernment Concerning E - Learning And Managing Stress Among Students In Higher Learning Institution In Coimbatore: A Disaster Recovery Approach With Special Reference To The Covid-19 Lockdown Period

  • Dr. H. Samuel Thavaraj, Mr. A. Leo, Dr. C. Samuel Joseph


The technological advancements in the field of collegiate education has enhanced confidence among the Professors of Institutions of Higher Learning. This in turn motivated them to get engaged with online platforms, to serve a greater purpose to benefit the present Generation Z (a demographic cohort who are tech savvy) category of students. The Professors should focus on how and by what means they are planning to take it with students and what kind of an environment is appropriate and what are the challenges are there to get the satisfaction level of the students to go up. It would be a futile exercise if the above concerns are not addressed on a timely basis by the Institutions and the Professors. The authors found that students with the CGPA score of 8 and above are more inclined to online learning and at the same time students with Science major have more inclination to online learning. Hence the authors suggest to the Higher educational institutions to take care of the slow learners and students belonging to other than science majors and help them through implementation of effective mentoring system, so that inclusivity is taken care and addressed.