An Empirical Investigation Of Work Related Stress, Turnover Intention, And Job Satisfaction Among The Female Bankers In Rural Sindh

  • Zeenat Kanwal, Dr. Ali Hassan Halepoto, Dr. Amir Hussain Shar


“In modern financial upgradations of institutions and human resources management are linked with the economic development of the country the existing population factor which is known as 60% female and 40% male are contributing their major share in GDP and big percentage, in economic and social endeavors”. “The banking sector is a specialized sector where the competitive environment is the issue of every organization. Before the 1980s there were the majority of male employees and employers in banking personnel than the females, the ratio showed very low percentage during the 1980s, however majority of population approximately 70%   are living in country sides and suburbs villages with a different style of tribes where only 5% women are permitted to go for work. (bstpk) 55% have remained unemployed or homemade workers. The majority of women live under pressure and stress even not permitted to go to market alone continually to gender discrimination al society. This study employed an empirical study on work-related stress in turn over intention among the rural female bankers in Sindh province. This study samples and investigation are organized and measured, analysis all are based on scientific instruments.