The Connotations Of Organizational Politics On University Teacher’s Psychological Well-Being: With The Dual Effect Of Work Environment

  • Syeda Laraib, Muhammad Umair Javaid, Syed Khurram Ali Jafri, Muhammad Hassan Arshad


Teaching is an honorable profession of the educational sector, and from the first day of school enrollment onward, teachers play a significant role in student learning (Hollywood et al., 2019; Mohammed, Khalid, & H., 2020; Tapanila, Siivonen, & Filander, 2020) The tough hierarchal structure, job commitment and high workload of teacher create adhere effect on the well-being of teacher (Davies & Matley, 2020; Song, Gu, & Zhang, 2020). According to the survey report of the Global Teacher Status Index (GTSI), the well-being of teachers is profoundly affected due to negative psychosocial factors (Global Teacher Status Index, 2018). Organizational politics is one of the negative psychosocial factors which have an adverse effect on the workplace environment and well-being of employee (Hochwarter et al., 2020)