Social Distancing And Caring Of Aura

  • Dr. P. Sindhu , Dr. V. P. Rathi


The practice of ‘Social Distancing’ is not new in the History of Indian Culture. It takes back to the older periods of Vedas. The people of the past India maintained discipline in their day to day life. It is a true fact that they do never allow other people especially the opposite sex to sit very close.  If we see the reason behind this one to one distancing relationship, we will come to know about the metaphysical layer of each soul which is called “Aura”. In this present day situation, one must concentrate on aura and its powerful healing effects.  Aura is the divine self of each soul. The present paper throws a light on how to maintain social distancing in these modern day situations by focusing on the lives and auras of trees, plants, flowers and birds and it also aims at how these animate and inanimate objects maintain social distancing naturally. The pandemic disease can be controlled by practising social distancing and caring of aura.