Assessment of Stakeholders Management in Construction and Demolition Waste Management Industry and Suggestion of Waste Management Strategy for Tehran City

  • Farzad Hosseinipour, Zahra Abedi, Mehdi Ravanshadnia


The main purpose of research is to evaluate the stockholders’ management in the construction and demolition (C&D) waste management industry and provide a waste management strategy for Tehran city. The research method was descriptive-survey and the research tool was a questionnaire. The statistical population of this research includes 15 active experts in the field of construction projects, which analyzed by hierarchical analysis process (AHP) and Expert Choice software. The research showed the results with various relative weights from the perspective of being important, as following: 1) Among the four indices of attention to training and updating of employees in the civil waste sector, the indices of providing the necessary training had a relative weight of 0.461. 2) Among the four indices of awareness about public health, environment and civil wastes, the indices of criteria had a relative weight of 0.448. 3) Among the four indices of the use of up-to-date technology in each of steps of waste management process, the index of the boards indicating the room had a relative weight of 0.493. 4) Among the four indices calculating and controlling the financial aspects of waste management, the index of planning and standardizing had a relative weight of 0.461. 5) Out of the four above-mentioned indices for having an operational plan to reduce waste, the index of waste disposal by containers had a relative weight of 0.431. 6) Moreover, the results showed that from the four indices the timely holding of meetings by Waste Management Committee on civil waste transportation responsibility had a relative weight of 0.489.