Retrofitting Unreinforced Masonry Walls under Blast Loading Using Steel Wire Mesh and Shotcrete

  • Hossein Esteghamat, Amir Azhari, Kambiz Takin


Retrofitting of the existing masonry buildings, especially the peripheral fences (brick walls), has grown in importance due to the increase in terrorist attacks in recent years. Most studies have explored the behavior of slabs, beams, and columns exposed to large-scale blasts. In these studies, the blast is huge enough to destroy all the walls and wall elements. While the weak structural elements are destroyed in small-scale blasts, the overarching goal of this study is to retrofit brick walls under blast loads. To this end, structures have to be retrofitted against small-scale blasts such that the weak elements are also strengthened. In this study, it is tried to assess the extent of destruction in different states by changing the steel mesh and shotcrete specifications. As for the steel mesh, the spacing between the reinforcement bars (rebars) are 10 and 15cm, while the shotcrete thicknesses are 5, 10, and 15cm. Blasts are also administered at short, medium and long distances. Finally, analyses are carried out for different steel mesh and shotcrete combinations to analyze and study the destruction of the brick and concrete walls.